Furthering the Critical Dialog: Ed Ruscha’s Twenty Six Gasoline Stations & Every Building on the Sunset Strip - Contemporary Artists Book Conference 2016

Using the headline „Furthering the Critical Dialog“, Tony White, Florence and Herbert Irving Associate Chief Librarian at the Thomas J. Watson Library of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, created a conference panel for discussing artist’s books. Since 2009 he chose one artist’s book to be discussed by three panelists, totally independent from each other and out of their different theoretical and practical backgrounds. For the 2016 panel he chose two books by Ed Ruscha: Twenty Six Gasoline Stations and Every Building on the Sunset Strip. For the discussion he invited Russet Lederman, Ian McDermott, and Anne Thurman-Jajes.

Here you will find the papers of the three 2016 discutants, initiated by a statement of Tony White about the Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference (CABC) and his panel.

• Tony White
Furthering the Critical Dialogue - CABC

• Russet Lederman
In the Shadow of Ed Ruscha - CABC

• Ian McDermott
That Was Then, This Is Now - CABC

• Anne Thurmann-Jajes
Ed Ruscha and his Significance for the Developement of the Artist´s Book - CABC